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The mission of the Eastern Zone is:
To develop a unified organization designed to work in cooperation with the LSCs to support and promote the Eastern Zone Swimming Membership.

Next Diversity and Inclusion Chairs Committee Meeting - Monday, March 13, 2017 at 9:00pm. Via conference call

Inquiries: Please email the EZ Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, Nadine Jesionek at Najohnjes@gmail.com

EZ Diversity/Inclusion Mailing List - This list will be used to send out information and news about Eastern zone diversity and inclusion events. This list is open to all interested individuals.


Programs & Events

The Eastern Zone will host its the Diversity & Inclusion Select Swim Camp & Regional Diversity & Inclusion Summit at the University of Buffalo June 15 - 18, 2017 in an effort to identify the emerging young diverse athletes from under-represented populations in the sport. Chairs and Coaches from each LSC attend and participate in motivational and educational workshops to share experiences and. Participants from the various LSCs that comprise of the Eastern Zone would participate in a three-day program, which includes pool training, motivational, and education sessions and team-building activities.

Details attached, please contact your LSC Chair for specific details and applications:

2017 EZ Diversity Select Camp and Regional Diversity and Inclusion Summit Attendees Guidelines

2015 EZ Diversity and Inclusion Swim Camp and Summit

The Eastern Zone hosted its 3rd ever Diversity Select Summit at the University of Maryland June 25-28th, 2015

2013 EZ Diversity Swim Summit

Eastern Zone hosted it's 2nd Eastern Zone Diversity Summit in Boston, MA. We had representation from 11 of the 12 LSCs that make up the Eastern Zone! Thank you to those LSCs who could participate.

Diversity & Inclusion Summit Report

Link to video on the summit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWDYKVAtl_A

Some pictures from the summit: picture 1, picture 2,picture 3

Other Events

2017 USA Swimming Cultural Swim Meets & Events Calendar

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